Moving Insurance

When you move, insuring your belongings is like underwriting your life. Before organizing insurance, take a moment to think about your needs. Here are some insurance options:

1. Basic Coverage
Basic coverage is 60 cents per pound per article and not exceeding $2,500 for the entire shipment. Known as “released value”, and regulated by State and Federal laws, this is the default insurance offered if you do not purchase more comprehensive insurance coverage. Simply put, basic coverage pays for the weight of a damaged item, not its value. For example, a couch which weighs 360 pounds would be compensated at 360 x 0.60 = $216.00

2. Homeowner’s or Renter’s
Your homeowner or renter insurance policy may cover damages incurred during moving. Check your policy or contact your broker for more information.

3. Third Party
Comprehensive coverage can be purchased through a third party insurance carrier like and

4. UMEX direct
UMEX offers insurance coverage up to $50,000 through Progressive Insurance.

Certificate of Insurance
Many apartment buildings require your mover to have a Certificate of Insurance (COI), which will cover damages to the building’s elevator, stairs, and hallways incurred during a move. A UMEX sales representative will contact your building management directly to provide a COI.

UMEX MOVING will not be responsible for the following items:
*Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment
*Items of extraordinary value not listed on the High Value Inventory form provided by your insurer
*Pressboard or particle board furniture (includes many furniture items purchased from Ikea or Staples)
*Any items NOT packed by UMEX MOVING
*Computers or battery operated items in transit or storage
*Previously damaged or loose veneer
*Previously damaged or repaired items
*Plants (live, dried or artificial) *Gold, cash money, cell phones, watches, laptop computers

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