UMEX Moving Equipment

Our trucks, our standards

UMEX owns all of our custom-made trucks, and we make sure they’re maintained to the highest standards. And they’re full of features that are kind to your possessions, too:
*Hardwood floors: Gentle on furniture and better for heavy pieces and boxes (metal floors can break furniture legs).
*Hydraulic lift gates: Ensures a smooth ride for your belongings into the truck and minimizes damage; can lift up to 2500 pounds.
*Vertical logistics posts: Placed at foot intervals along the truck interior walls and all the way up to the roof. The more posts, the more places furniture can be securely strapped in–your armoire won’t be sliding around during its journey.
*Translucent roofs: Better lighting throughout the truck, and a well-lit truck is a well-packed truck.
*Air ride: The truck sits on four air balloons, which means a comfy ride for your belongings.
*Dollies: Our dollies have no-mark rubber wheels, so they won’t leave marks on your floors.

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