Tips to Consider if You’re Moving with Older Family Members

As residential movers that serve NJ, we know that for many people who are moving and are over the age of 65, that it can be an intimidating ordeal. In fact, for many people who’ve lived at the same place their entire lives, packing up and moving to a new home—whether it’s to another street, town, or big city—can cause the senior citizen’s body and mind to feel stressed. What’s more, many older individuals prefer not to move, so if you’re in the process of helping your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or another elderly relative move, you may have noticed that they’re dragging their feet.

To help make the process of moving for your elderly relative easier, here are a few tips to consider:

Provide the elderly individual with a layout of the new home – If your elderly family member or friend wasn’t involved in finding and purchasing the new home, you can provide him or her with a layout before the actual move takes place. You should do this because it will help him or her to understand he or she will be living and where to place furniture.

Find out where his or her new medical specialists and physicians will be located – No matter how old you are, a new medical specialist and physician is important to find either before, or immediately after you arrive in your new town or city. Therefore, it’s especially important if you’re moving an older individual and he or she needs to see a doctor regularly.

Have a moving company help you move – Rather than having your friends and other family members help you move (who may back out last minute), get in touch with a moving company to help your elderly family member move out of his or her new home. Last, but not least, if he or she has too many belongings you can also choose a company (like us) that offers storage services.

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