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Choosing a New York Moving Company

Whether you are moving to Manhattan locally from Hudson County, Middlesex County, across the state of New Jersey, or Long distance, there are several things a moving company can do to make your moving experience more satisfactory. Some people need movers that also offer storage and some people are content renting a moving van and doing most of the work themselves. Moving can be hard on every single person involved, especially if the movers are not a packing company as well. Whether you’re moving to Manhattan for a promotion at work or relocating one town over to get the kids into a better school district, a professional moving company can make the difference between a stressful experience and a seamless one.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you select movers or storage service in New Jersey and its surrounding areas:

Get Quotes

The first step to hiring a reliable moving company in Hudson County or Middlesex County is to get several quotes. A reputable mover will come to your house or apartment and do an onsite evaluation. It’s critical to get a written quote that includes a full disclosure of all fees, so that there aren’t any surprising charges.

A credible moving company will be able to provide an accurate quote by visiting your home to estimate an inventory cost. At UMEX, we never hit you with hidden fees, and if we underestimate your cost for moving to Manhattan, cross-country or anywhere in between, we won’t raise your quoted price!

Check On Insurance

Every moving company should be fully licensed, bonded and insured. (If not, run like the wind.) Even small personal movers in New York and New Jersey offer various insurance such as cargo insurance, and will include the cost of it in your quote.

However, some types of moving insurance only cover the depreciated value of your belongings. You should be able to take out supplemental insurance, either through your homeowners’ insurance company or through the moving company, should you want additional coverage. Take special note on whether or not your homeowners’ insurance offers replacement value, and be prepared to pay your insurance deductible. If the moving company says they will handle your deductible, make sure you get it in writing, because if not, you will have to pay.

New York Moving Contracts

It very important when you decide on a mover to get a contract written up. The contract should say “binding” and “not-to-exceed” somewhere. This means that the movers are bound to their estimate, and cannot change the moving costs under any circumstances. If it’s a non-binding contract, the moving company is going to add extra costs to your final bill.

With a little research and an eye for proper paperwork, you’ll make moving to Manhattan or anywhere in the country a breeze.

Keep this in mind while preparing for your move:

  • Be careful and read through the entire contract
  • Don’t just settle – get a variety of quotes
  • And make sure your belongings will be insured
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