How to Wrap Fragile and Delicate Items

Many people can find this to be very intimidating, but that shouldn’t be the case. First thing you need to accomplish is getting your supplies set up.

The most important supply to protect your fragile glassware is packing paper, and lots of it! Ample packing paper is well worth it when you consider the cost of a sheet of paper versus your fragile dishware, the paper is well worth it. It’s also important to know what kind of box to use. The best box for packing fragile items is a 5.2 (because they hold 5.2 cubic feet), otherwise known as a china barrel. It’s designed to protect china as its name states. Inside the box make sure to have a full layer of paper rolls to act as shock absorbing bumpers at the bottom.

How To Pack Delicate Items

So, let’s talk about how to safely pack plates. You going to be using at least 2-3 sheets of paper for every set of plates. It’s recommended to only pack three or four plates in one package. First, take the first plate of the four, and place it on top of three sheets of paper. Take the top layer of paper under the plate, and fold it in from all four corners. Repeat that step with the second sheet of paper. Make sure to fill the center of any deep-set plates or bowls to act as a extra shock absorber. The third and last piece of paper should be folded in from the sides and tucked into the middle. Place your first set of plates into the box positioned in the bottom corner. Pack the plates and dishes in the opposite direction as your shock absorbing paper rolls. This helps make sure that nothing slips through the protective layer at the bottom of the box.

Continue to pack your largest and heaviest items first. For items that contain a lid, take the lid out and wrap the item without the lid with the first piece of paper. Then flip the lid upside down and put it right on top of first layer of paper, and pack it in tightly. This will work great for the move, but the trouble comes in when you’re unpacking. When somebody’s unpacking they won’t know that there’s a lid in the bowl. When they open it up the lid may go flying, and possibly break. To prevent this use a piece of tape to wrap the item and the lid together, and use a marker to label the item on the tape. (Always have a marker when packing!) Write something like “Two pieces enclosed this item”. This ensures whenever somebody unpacks the item they won’t break your fragile stuff.

Once the bottom layer is almost full, fill any extra space with your packing paper to prevent anything from moving. When your first layer is completed create a new set of bumpers to protect your second tier, and help make sure that the first layer of packed items is level to prevent shifting during the move. Always remember to have the second tier consist of lighter items to minimize damage from pressure.

You can also look for companies that provide packing services as part of your move! Double stress relief knowing your belongings are packed and moved for you. See our New Jersey Movers for packaging services.

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