How to Assist Yourself and Your Moving Service

Prepping for the big move, you’re probably itching for that call from your local moving service in the Hudson County, NJ and surrounding area. Before the ranks of foremen stream in and empty your home, you may want to take care of a few odds and ends. Moving day should be a day on which you can sit back and relax, dreaming of the house or apartment that awaits you. By taking care of some essential domestic duties beforehand, you’ll ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly for you as it does for your movers.

The Great Purge

Today, saddled as we are by all of our clothing, accessories, and trinkets, there’s almost nothing as cathartic as a junking. Instead of lugging everything that you’ve accumulated from one space to the next, you should capitalize on this move by experimenting with minimalism. We don’t want you to trash everything you own and go feng shui overnight, but you should ask yourself: what is essential to me; and what is excess? Some experts tout off a golden rule, stating that you ought to chuck what you haven’t touched in over a year. If you lean towards the philosophical route of inquiry, you could also entertain the thought of a burning house. If this were your home, in which order would you grab your possessions? Dire as this seems, it’s an excellent means of gauging what you need vs. what you don’t.

Sorting through the Untouchable

Now that you have your essentials mentally quarantined, think about materials that neither you nor your movers would ever think of touching. While our moving company in Hudson County, NJ and surrounding areas is willing to move and pack virtually everything, we do have restrictions. Any perishable foods in your refrigerator or freezer aren’t guaranteed to survive a trip from NJ to NY and vice versa. Beyond consumables, the law prevents us from transporting any corrosive or explosive materials (to the detriment of mad scientists and their labs, we’re afraid). If you own something that is technically hazardous, assume that you’ll need to dispose of it before moving day. Lastly, make a note of what you’ll be transporting yourself and what you’ll be passing along to your mover.

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