Fine Art, Antique & Piano

Fine art
When it comes to fine art, not only does UMEX has the knowledge and experience you are seeking when looking for a professional moving company to protect your precious collection, we have specialized materials that no other company in the industry can offer. Our movers would come over to your home with a readymade crates at the day of the move where all that is left to do is to gently insert your art into that crate. Now, you may ask yourself why is this important and how does it affect me? Two reasons:

At times, it takes hours to prepare such crates. Would you rather spend this time with your family instead of the movers? We thought so. That is why we save you this time and come ready for your artwork.

The material we use is unique to our operation and will enable our movers to quickly insert the art work into the crate, less noise, less pollution and less time at your house. In the same way it will allow you to quickly remove the artwork out of the crate saving the same: time, noise and garbage to discard off.
Additionally, once such precious art work is in the crate, we do not save in means to transport it into the track: No other moving company uses the type of dollies UMEX is using in order to transport the artwork into the track. Without having to reveal our secrets, let’s just say that your belongings are much safer transported in our specialized dollies. Simply put, there is absolutely no chance for your artwork would fall of our equipment. But that’s not the end.
Moreover, once safely arrive to our truck, we would use a lift gate when necessary instead of straggling to place it on the truck. Once on the truck, it wouldn’t be mingled with the rest of your belongings but secured separately designated fine art compartment in the truck.
Could you ask for more?

Most movers would have images and slogans on their trucks which reflect strength, speed and cost effective move. Unfortunately, when these images and slogans are being transformed into action when handling antiques, would only inflict damages on your precious antique furniture. Some of the damages that such reckless behavior can cause is irreversible and you would never be able to restore it to its original condition. Besides would you want to take a chance?
Most of the movers would have a professional sounding representative over the phone who would try to sell you the world. But you afford it?
When it comes to antique, there should be no room for errors, misjudgments and regrets. Hiring UMEX moving & storage, inc. can insure avoiding such errors.
We know how fragile an antique piece of furniture can be, regardless of how heavy it is or how sturdy does it appear to be. Antique furniture should be moved by professional movers who have the experience, wherewithal, knowledge and the incentive to treat your antique furniture with the dignity it deserves.

As a piano player myself, I’m very sensitive and nerves about unprofessional movers handling my piano. Therefore, I would dream about having yours handled differently.

UMEX handles piano moves with great care, knowledge and professionalism. Yes, we do protect the piano with heavy duty moving pads: not all moving pads are alike. Most of the pads movers use are dirty, worn out and light weigh pads. UMEX uses heavy duty 92 lbs pads, clean and NOT warned out. It is important because in the event something is to touch the protected piano the pads would be there doing it’s job-PROTECTING and not just placed there to give the customer the appearance of protection with the dust that comes after removing those dirty pads others use.

Here is what we do: Apply clean, 94 lbs-heavy duty moving pads on to the piano, secure the pads using tapes (naturally, we remove all that is required: legs, pedals and so forth) for long distance moves, we apply and additional specialized protection that no other movers use (not disclosed here), placing the piano on a professional heavy duty piano board, strapping it to the board to keep it steady on the board. The piano is than loaded on a rubber end 4” gray non-marking dolly where is being transported on to our truck. We would than load the piano using out lift gate (with a remote control with allow an additional hand to secure the piano at the time that is being elevated on to the truck platform). In the truck the piano would be separated from all other objects and be secured using two heavy-duty ratchet straps. Upon the delivery of your piano to your new home, the piano would be one of the first items to get off the truck, place at your desired location, all items that were dismantled such as legs and pedal would be put together and will place round the piano pads under the legs to prevent damage to the floor.

Why is it important to have the piano unloaded first? Because you would have less obstacles and since the piano is not such a light item to move around the house should you change your mind about it’s location, you will have few hours before our movers leave your home to get accustomed to it’s location and decide weather you would want it to be placed elsewhere.

That is the big difference between UMEX’s crew and the other guys. We care and it can be easily noticed when observing our guys in action.

If your move includes a piano, this is not the time to make mistakes and go with the lower bidder. UMEX is right choice.

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