Informative: Only the information pertaining your particular move is included.
Easy to read: Customer friendly, non-tabular, non-corporate format.
Accurate: We make our duty to ask all that is require to reach a guaranteed quote.
Guaranteed: A quote is guaranteed based upon the agreed upon terms
Sincere: Will not take advantage when meet with new challenges.
Comparison: More reason to trust our quotes

Our customers are able to breeze through our quote with ease and without squinting through the fine print. We omit all the legalities terms and conditions and get to the point: Your relevant information, price, list of items what is included. Our guaranteed quote would also provide you with services that our not included thereby alert you, the customer for potential blind spots. Our moto is; the more informed our customers are the better judgment they can exert in choosing the right company for them. Additionally, should you ask for services that we do not specialized in we would not hesitate to point you point the right direction.

Talk about how although all the relevant information is included we omit all irrelevant legalities which would overwhelm and disparage the customer to go through its entirety before giving up.

Easy to read:
When the quote is easy to read and not cluttered, customers can than take their time looking through the entire quote having a better understanding and control over their move. Customer can verify all the information on the quote to accurate, and representative of the information provide to UMEX. When the quote is not easy to read, many would give up and only trusting it to be accurate, which is every rogue mover’s dream. That’s how the typical rogue mover weather intentionally or otherwise can sneak in many provisions that makes it easy to shift the blame on the “ignorant” customer. UMEX’S quotes are non-tabular, personal, elaborate non-corporate type quote made to serve the customer’s need to understand as opposed to the mover’s need to protect itself. When the quote is easy to read it allow the customer to double check there for lead to a more accurate quote.

Talk about the difference between corporate looking types of a quote that servers the mover’s legal needs to an artistic, non-technical, non-tabular type of quote that will allow the customer to navigate through it allowing for the customer a better tool in which to check for accuracies and discrepancies which ultimately leads to a more accurate quote.

Arriving at an accurate quote is not a simple nor easy task: When the customer is calling to inquire about process, we make it our task to ask all the pertaining questions in order to compile a more definitive and comprehensive picture that would allow for a better understanding of the customer’s situation. Why others not follow the same practice? Because it is time consuming, costly but more important will prevent them from plead ignorance when the couch for instance could not fit in the elevator and had to move to the 11th floor
Talk about how we ask all that is require in order to reach a comprehensive picture that would allow us to provide a guaranteed quote.

No matters what type of guarantees you get from the mover, it is always based upon the staple conditions written on the quote:
• Date of the move
• List of items to be moved.
• Who is packing and which items require packing.
• Origin, destination and any additional pick-ups or drop offs in between.
• In both: origin and destination: Stairs, elevator, walking distance, time limits.
• Dismantling & reassembly of furniture
There are a lot more details that the mover knows are important and know to ask in order to get an accurate picture of this particular move.
Remember the guarantees you receive from the mover is only as good as the accuracy of the terms outlined in the quote that is why it is so vital to hire a sincere mover. UMEX Moving & Storage, Inc. will ask those questions, visit you at your home and spend the time necessary to guarantee its quotes

Write about the type of estimates that are offered, what a guaranteed quote is: based on the parameters agreed upon and next heading should be sincere

Where the guaranteed protection barriers provided to the customer has collapsed due to added items and services, a sincere mover will not take advantage and will stick to the original quote or would proportionally, mutually and amicably agreed upon new price.

Ask yourself why is it so important to hire a sincere mover? After all, why should you care as long as the job’s getting done? Well, the job can be done alright but at what price, how long would you have to spend with the movers instead of your family? Things do happen before during and after the move; you could not finish packing, items you thought you’d sell on Craig’s list did not sell, you forgot to tell the movers about the stairs, the closing took longer than expected and the movers have to wait, you did not find the time to dismantle this Ikea wardrobe and so forth. Where UMEX Moving & Storage, Inc. would look for reasons not to change the price others would jump on your venerability and will charge exuberant amount of money to perform those services. Remember quotes at time double and triple. Don’t take a chance. There is no move that our crew does not go over and above that is required to make our customer’s life easier and we’re doing so with a positive attitude and without making the customer feels bad about asking for a favor.

Where the guaranteed protection barriers provided to the customer has collapsed due to added items and services how extremely important it is to have the right mover who could justifiably now increase the price, not take advantage of the situation and triple the quoted price now when the customer has very little they can do.

What makes UMEX’s quotes and services different than any other mover?
If you haven’t been convinced after reading all of the above comments about our quotes, know this: We excel where other fail: Other will go out of their way to increase the price where we do the opposite. Others will, conveniently, ignore asking certain questions such as: Elevator or stairs, how many flight of stairs and so forth in order for them open the door for later increases where UMEX would do the opposite; it would close the door on any surprises. WE understand that it years to build a trust worthy relationship and are willing to do our part to earn your trust.

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