About Us

Our mission
At UMEX, we don’t just manage moves, we manage relationships. Because we’re about our customers. We’ve been in the moving business for over a decade now, and we know that happy customers, positive feedback, and referrals are our most important assets. We’re about solutions, not excuses. We’re constantly striving to improve every facet of our company because that means better service and a better moving experience for you, our customer, and that’s just good business for us.

Our customer service
At UMEX, customer service is our priority. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with their UMEX experience.

We promise:
*Responsible, reasonable, accurate and written guaranteed or hourly rate quotes
*Pre-move review of items to be included in move
*Resolution of discrepancies before we move anything
*Availability—we’ll be in touch before, during, and after the move
*To seek out input and feedback
*Prompt response to requests, including last minute changes

We train at our warehouse, not with your furniture

Everyone at UMEX Movers is trained in professional and safe moving techniques in our 20,000 square foot warehouse in Clifton, New Jersey.  We keep a full selection of furniture just for training—including piano moving. All our movers learn how to correctly and safely lift and carry heavy items, dismantle and wrap furniture, and load different size trucks efficiently and carefully.

All of our managers have a minimum of one year’s experience in each position in our company: moving helper, packer, driver, foreman, dispatcher, and sales.

All our drivers must successfully complete a UMEX driving test in addition to holding Class A or B commercial driving licenses.

Our management
All of our foremen are trained in customer service, crew management, and inventory management. So when you speak to one of our managers, you’re talking to someone who has hands-on experience with every stage of the moving process.

And our people stay with us because they’re among the highest paid in the industry. Happy movers means happy customers!

Licenses & Affiliations:
*American Movers & Storage Association
*New Jersey Division of Consumers Affairs
*Federal Highway Administration

License to operate within the State of New Jersey: PC001077

License to operate within the State of New York: NYT 38782

License to operate moves to Canada

License to operate between States:
ICC: MC305175
US DOT number: 0686881

The UMEX story
I’ve learned everything I know about moving through hands-on experience—literally. I’ve been in the moving business since 1989 and I’ve worked at every level of the business, first as a helper, through to foreman and then sales representative. When I started my first moving company in 1996, I ran it the same way as the moving companies I’d worked for. It was, after all, what I knew. We charged by the hour and charged for everything else, too—weight, materials, stairs, weekends, you name it.

But my customers weren’t happy. They didn’t like our pricing structure. I had few repeat clients. There were even some complaints. What was I doing wrong? I was running my moving company just like every other moving company. Oh. That was the problem.

Then I realized the most essential thing: my customers must be 100% satisfied. And I realized that changes would have to be drastic, painful, and risky.

So I changed how my company interacted with customers—the quotes we gave, the promises we made. At first, my company lost money, lost staff. The business shrank. But I stuck with my decision because I knew I was right. I was going to turn this company around.

And it worked. Slowly but surely, we started getting repeat customers. Who told us what we were doing right. Who referred others to us for business. And now we’re 100% customer oriented. There’s a level of trust between UMEX and its clients that’s hard to match. Our feedback is nothing but praise.

Through all this, I stayed loyal to my principles, which are very simple:
1. Give and you shall receive;
2. Exceed the customer’s expectations;
3. Our relationship with our customers is more important than their money;
4. Listen to what the customer wants.
Sounds simple, right? But it’s amazing how many companies forget these core ideas. At UMEX, we’ll always stay true to my original aim: to be fair, to be honest, and to aim for 100% customer satisfaction with every move.

Area of Service:
– NJ Movers
– New Jersey Movers
– Morristown Movers
– North Bergen, Movers
– Jersey City Movers
– Edgewater Movers
– Hoboken Moving Company
– Edgewater Moving Company
– Union Moving Company
– Jersey City Moving Company

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