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At UMEX, we don’t just manage moves, we manage relationships – because we’re all about our customers. We’ve been in the moving business for over a decade now, and we know that happy customers, positive feedback and referrals are our most important assets. We’re about solutions, not excuses. We’re constantly striving to improve every facet of our company because that means better service and a better moving experience for you, our customer, and that’s just good business for us.UMEX sets itself apart from other moving companies primarily through our dedication to keeping clients happy. The company is built on a foundation of decades of observation and experience with regard to what keeps customers satisfied; sadly, not all moving companies can claim this commitment to customer satisfaction. We know that, eventually, moving companies have to make a choice: they can either offer subpar services and unfair pricing just to make a quick buck, or they can hold their business to the highest of standards and ensure repeat customers and a high referral rate later on. We chose option #2. Years of tweaking our storage, moving and packaging services to respond to the needs of our clients in Philadelphia, NJ, and NY have resulted in our excellent referral rate and high levels of customer trust. Having already gained a reputation as one of the most trusted commercial and residential movers in NJ, Philadelphia and NY, we’re constantly striving to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.
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Packaging & Storage Services

So how do we back up our claims to superior customer service and the best possible storage, moving and packaging services? To start, all of our professionals are highly trained in safe and effective moving techniques in our warehouse – we actually have a whole set of our own furniture, including a piano, that we use to teach employees the best moving, storage and packaging practices long before they move your items. All of our managers serving the Philadelphia, NY and NJ areas have had a minimum of one year’s experience working in EVERY position in a moving company, and our NJ long-distance movers and foremen are trained in every aspect of the job in order to increase crew communication while carrying out our services. UMEX also guarantees that we will give you flat price estimates, undertake the burden of box estimates ourselves (you’ll never pay more if we underestimate!), never smoke in your home and clean up once the move is finished. Ask other companies if they can say the same!

Our 100% referral rate has cemented our reputation as one of the best residential and commercial movers in NJ, Philadelphia and NY. Give us a call for an honest estimate on your storage, packaging and moving needs, and to find out the UMEX difference for yourself.

Packaging & Storage Services

NJ Residential Movers

Our NJ Moving Company provides a dedicated crew and truck that works exclusively for you from the moment they start until they finish; there would be no interruption in the midst of your move. We will guide you through the entire moving process, from packing to placing your furniture in your new home. We also offer Japanese speaking specialists.READ MORE

NJ Commercial Movers

How different is commercial moves from residential? Our NJ moving company owns and operates all our commercial moving equipment such as fork-lifts, hydraulic lifts and more. Your dedicated project manager will organize and arrange everything for you door-to-door. Minimize downtime and move with confidence.READ MORE

NJ Long Distance Movers

Our NJ Long distance movers can handle moving your family to Canada and across the continental US.  Move your belongings with piece of mind knowing the NJ Moving Company Professionals at UMEX are on the job. We’ll plan your move with you down to the smallest detail to ensure that wherever you’re headed you know what to expect.READ MORE

NJ Packaging Service

We also offer complete packaging services to simplify your move. Let us take the anxiety out of the equation and minimize your move time. It is recommended that you do not leave packing for the last moment. It takes time and effort. Follow our Moving Tips guidelines in order to calculate the approximate number of boxes…READ MORE

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